Can we hire Laura Gills Interior Design for just a consultation?

If you are a first time client, the answer is probably no. There is a key reason for this. The most critical part of the interior design process is when the client and interior designer get to know each other, review the objectives, criteria, and meet everyone on the project team. However, an initial consultation is the first step before I write up the proposal. That consultation determines the scope of the project. (See #7-Process) We call it the program phase, sometimes called the brief.

This initial phase actually is billable consultation work, and defines the goals and scope of the project. We human beings often want to skip the process and get right to the results. Good design is a process and collaboration. We have a saying on a white board at the office: “A prescription without a diagnosis is malpractice.”

If you only do full scale interior design projects, how big does the project need to be for you to be interested?

It needs to be a complete space with enough moving parts to be a design project. A master bathroom design would be a good example of a complete space that would be about the smallest scale project for a first time client. It often is covered by my first time minimum fee of $2,500.

Do you take decorating Jobs?

Sometimes. It has to be a sizable, comprehensive decorating project for a first time client. Again, it’s a lot about knowing the person. When I start a remodeling/new construction project with someone, we’ve gotten to know each other and have such a vision for the developing project, the interior decorating part of the project is just a natural flow. The interior decorating component of an interior project is typically much more time consuming then the technical aspects of interior design. Often, clients are baffled by this.

However, if you consider that vast amount of product in both the residential and commercial markets and consider the personal taste and budget of the client, it can be a pretty intense process. If you have been a previous client, than I’m happy to help with decorating jobs.

What is the difference between interior design and interior decorating?

Interior design considers all the functional, aesthetic, environmental, and budget issues to create an appropriate solution. Technical skills; such as space planning, architectural detailing/millwork, lighting, codes, drafting and documentation, are part of our education and training. Interior decorating is about applying decoration to existing surfaces: wall/floor finishes, window treatments, furniture, art and accessories. Obviously, these elements are an interior designer’s pallet.

How is Laura Gills Interior Design compensated?

In general, I am an hourly consultant. I’m $150/hour with drawing, imaging, and other technical services at lower rates. Typically, new construction and remodel interior design levels fall between 5%-10% of the project cost. Often the smaller jobs are at a higher percentage than larger jobs. To give an example why: I can design 3 bathrooms at one time much more efficiently than designing 3 bathrooms at separate times.

The range depends on the scope of work and the level of services required. See our Signature and Luxe Level descriptions. Purchasing and Procurement: Most projects are procured from a variety of sources: contractor, retail purchasing by owner, and through my company. It comes down to expediency, access to resource, and the best cost option.

Does Laura Gills Interior Design charge for travel?

If you live within a 30 mile radius of Mentor or Port Clinton, OH, we do not charge for travel. But, Keep in mind that within that radius, a minimum design time fee of $60 is incurred for the home/site visit. Beyond that radius, $60/hour travel fee applies.

If I’m interested in hiring Laura Gills Interior Design, what is the process?

The first step is a phone call. Let’s start getting to know each other and discuss what you want to accomplish. If logistically possible, I encourage the potential client to schedule a meet and greet at my office. This is a free get-together. We discuss objectives, how I work, who are the team players. I often follow up the meeting with a questionnaire to gain further insights. I then layout a starting plan, which typically begins in the client’s home or business. After the initial Program/Discovery step, I write up a proposal specifically for the project.

Does Laura Gills Interior Design provide design services for commercial projects?

I will sometimes take a commercial project. Typically, the more creative and out of the box, the better. I recommend general office planning and specifications to other companies. Most commercial projects require an architect, so a good collaborative relationship needs to exisit.