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  • Can we hire Laura Gills Interior Design for just a consultation?
    An interior design initial consultation is the first step of a project in Ohio cities such as Cleveland, Lakewood and Chardon. This intro consultation is about getting to know each other, identifying the scope of work, objectives, issues, budget, and team players. There is some brainstorming discussed at this meeting, but it is not a design work session. How to approach a design project comes from experience. This advice is the key value for this initial consultation. There are frequently a few ways to begin a design project whether it is new construction or remodel; design build, complete custom to semi-custom… Whether we end up working together or not, my goal at this meeting is to inform the owners of their options in executing their project. If we agree we are a good fit, I will write up an interior design proposal based on this first consultation.
  • If you only do full scale interior design projects, how big does the project need to be for you to be interested?
    It needs to be a complete space with enough moving parts to be a design project. $5,000 is the minimum fee for a first time client.
  • Do you take decorating Jobs?
    Decorating projects must be a comprehensive, full-scale approach, where all the spaces that are common to each other are designed together. I start at the beginning of a project, not completing something that is already started; i.e., you have purchased a sofa and a chair and now need to finish the room. It's fine if there are some existing special pieces that you would like to be repurposed. There is a three room minimum for decorating projects.
  • What is the difference between interior design and interior decorating?
    Interior design considers all the functional, aesthetic, environmental, and budget issues to create an appropriate solution. Technical skills; such as space planning, architectural detailing/millwork, lighting, codes, drafting and documentation, are part of our education and training. Interior decorating is about applying decoration to existing surfaces: wall/floor finishes, window treatments, furniture, art and accessories. Obviously, these elements are an interior designer’s pallet.
  • How is Laura Gills Interior Design compensated?
    Since we typically take full scale projects, Laura likes to discuss the needs of the client and develop a design project strategy and fee. Larger scale projects require an intense focus of both creativity and technical detail. Though the basic processes are consistent, each design package is tailored to the goals and the people involved. Clients typically love knowing up front what the design fees for their project will be instead of waiting for the next invoice. (See #01)
  • Does Laura Gills Interior Design charge for travel?
    If you live within a 30 mile radius of Mentor, Cleveland or Port Clinton, Ohio, we do not charge for travel. But, keep in mind that within that radius, a minimum design time fee of $60 is incurred for the home/site visit. Beyond that radius, a $60/hour travel fee applies.
  • If I’m interested in hiring Laura Gills Interior Design, what is the process?"
    The first step is a phone call. Let’s start getting to know each other and discuss what you want to accomplish. If logistically possible, I encourage the potential client to schedule a meet and greet at my office. This is a free get-together. We discuss objectives, budget, how I work, and timeline. If it looks like a good fit for everyone, we set up an initial consultation(s) to dive into the goals, details, budget, team players, time frame, and expectations. Preliminary plans are shared if applicable. This is an important diagnostic step from which an interior design package is created.
  • Does Laura Gills Interior Design provide design services for commercial projects?
    I welcome commercial projects that are hospitality in nature; spaces that create environments for work, play, and just being. Restaurants, lobbies/common areas, cafes, and assisted living are typical examples. Many commercial projects require an architect. I enjoy the collaborative experience with the architect, owners, and trades to create exceptional living space solutions.
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