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Every project requires different needs, goals and budgets.  Laura Gills offers three levels of service options. Fortunately, with all our service options, we follow the same design process. 




Designed for smaller remodel project like master bathrooms or simple kitchens. 


At this level, 2D plans and elevations are standard.  3D imagery is also used, but minimally.  It depends on the type of the project.


We rely on the vendors for much of the documentation and the cabinet vendor is responsible for cabinet drawings.








Designed for larger scale remodel projects requiring space planning and many customized decisions.  

CAD and 3D imaging are used to communicate designs.

Decorating services are limited depending on the type of remodel.  

Laura is very engaged throughout the construction process.


A home furnishings budget package is available to create a plan for furnishing in the future.

Living Room looking into Kitchen

Big Reveal


Designed for a large remodel project that require a full-service interior design from concept to the art on the wall.  
3D imaging is highly used to help visualize and document design decisions.  

Laura is highly involved during the construction process, often acting as a liaison between homeowners and trades. 

Documentation, procurement of home furnishings, and the coordination of installations and deliveries are important services at this level.


Whether it’s a bathroom or a whole house remodel, the basic design process is the same.  There are no short-cuts in obtaining the best functional and aesthetically pleasing interior.

Program Phase


As with new construction, we begin by really examining the homeowners’ lifestyle and goals.  This important first step is vital to the success of the project.  It requires discussion and collaboration of ideas.  Clients share their images, Pinterest boards, etc.

We field measure and scan the interior.


We take photos and inventory of any household possessions you wish to incorporate into your new home design.

Determine the team players.  Do you have a contractor you like to work with?  If not, we will give you a recommendation.

Schematic Phase


Base plan(s) of existing space are put into either CAD and/or SketchUp (3D program).

Space planning.  Sometimes the floorplan won’t change.  However, I consider the whole area to evaluate the usage.  I don’t like to take things as granted.  Furniture planning is initiated in these studies, if applicable.

Key design concepts begin.  I personally sketch ideas as I develop the design.  I’m always looking for the big idea.

I also start to create two palette stories to determine which style and finish directions to pursue.  Flooring, paint, cabinet, countertops, etc.  Each story has enough selections to illustrate which path to gain a vision of the overall look.

Design Development Phase


Drawings and plans develop.  Finish and material selections are made from a variety of vendors and resources.  Typically, there are a number of showroom visits to these vendors.  Our documentation continues.  Documentation is a very important service we perform.

Bidding and Construction Phase


The designs and documentation along with vendors’ documentation create the foundation for the contractors’ estimates.  I am typically involved with the bidding process.  We want to make sure the scope of work and the sourcing of materials are clear.


Contractors and builders often work differently from each other.  This is where we discuss the timing, process, and the procurement of materials and product.

As the construction progresses, a number of site visits are expected to check on things, answer questions, and help with issues.  Problem solving is part of our job description.

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