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I am NOT a Design Build Company.  I partner with architects, contractors, vendors, and homeowners in Greater Cleveland, other Ohio communities and beyond.


My job as an interior designer is to listen, to evaluate, and to edit all my client’s aesthetic desires and functional needs to create beautiful spaces that give joy to be in.  Basically, I help people carve out a little piece of Heaven here on Earth.  Sometimes that’s a home in Cleveland, Ohio or another interior design project on Concord Township.


My interior design services start with getting to know you, identifying the scope, orchestrate the process, and let the creativity flow.  A professional interior designer needs to be both artistically strong and technically savvy.  Evaluating room layouts (space planning), architectural detailing (built–ins, millwork, architectural features), lighting/electrical, finish selections, home furnishings, and finishing touches are some tasks a designer provides to execute the final vision.


Speaking of a vision, one of the greatest challenges a designer has is communicating the design to the client.  Renderings and drawings are part of our process.  And now, we are very excited to offer VR experiences with our projects.  We can put you inside the design to experience it.  If you have trouble with visualization, this is a game changer.


Where do you begin?


When beginning an interior remodeling project, often the question is with what professional do you start with?  So often, homeowners reach out to a contractor.  Nothing wrong with getting the conversation started, however a contractor really can’t do anything, even give a ballpark estimate without plans and specifications.  When potential clients call me with an interior remodel project, we discuss the type of project.  If it involves structural issues; i.e. an addition, I usually recommend that an architect be brought in.  I can refer or the homeowner can bring their architect.  If the project is not very invasive, the design process starts with the interior designer.


Very common remodel projects:

  • Main floor common area:  kitchen, great room, mudroom….all those interconnected spaces.  I never assume the existing layout is the optimal layout.

  • Master suite

  • Basements

  • Additions (typically including the kitchen)

To understand the process better, please check out our magazine.

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