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Virtual Reality Visualization Helps Interior Designer Laura Gills Explain Her Vision to Clients

For years, architects and interior designers have struggled to convey our plans in a way that accurately shows clients what’s in our heads. There have been great advancements in design software and modeling, but it’s hard to picture yourself within a space on a computer screen. But now, that’s changed. 

Virtual reality offers a realistic way to visualize design intents and concepts both for me as a designer, as well as for clients to understand the vision I have for a space. I use Sketch Up, a program I’ve used for more than a decade, to model a design, and then load that into a virtual reality system. So now, I don’t have to just show a client a 3D model -- I can put them in it. 

Click play below and take a walk with me through a remodel, where you can see it from the inside out. If you’re interested in test driving a remodel before you commit to a design, this is as close as it gets. 

Contact me if you’d like to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology during your design process.


Water Ripple

We recently had the opportunity to experience our first 3D presentation with Laura. The technology allowed us to be virtually immersed in our space and see the elements of Laura's design. We have done many projects without this technology and this is a true game changer!

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