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Interior designer for Greater Cleveland and Northern Ohio

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Laura Gills, ASID provides full-scale interior design services. A veteran Interior Designer of countless residential and numerous commercial projects, Laura’s specialties are new construction and remodel interior design services. Full-scale design means starting with the shell of the structure, addressing the entire design process from space planning, architectural details, and lighting to the final decoration of the space(s).

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Laura has a BFA in Interior Design from the Moore College of Art and Design. Though she started her career space planning office spaces, Laura quickly moved into the residential market. In 1997, marriage brought her to the Cleveland area where she reinvented her career. Laura Gills Interior Design Company was born. New construction, both in the residential and commercial sectors, was booming giving the opportunity to hone her skills and knowledge. Over the years, Laura has moved away from production builds to working on more custom projects. She loves it when the client is in the driver seat.

Technology supporting the interior design trade continues to develop quickly. These technologies are very helpful with illustrating and documenting design ideas and details. At Laura Gills Interior Design Company, we use a variety of programs and software to help communicate and expedite the design process. CAD, SketchUp, Photoshop, 3ds Max, and good old drawing skills are some of the tools in our tool belt. Though Laura Gills Interior Design Company is located in Mentor, Ohio, many projects also hail from Greater Cleveland and other regions. Technologies have made this reach even more accessible.

Moving to northern Ohio introduced Laura to another love; boating the Great Lakes. From the western basin of Lake Erie to other ports north, Laura and her husband, Jim love exploring this treasure. It wasn’t long before Laura started focusing her interior design skills to the interiors of yachts and boats. Freshwater Gills, a sister company to Laura Gills Interior Design Company was born, serving clients in Northern Ohio, including Cleveland, Chardon, and other cities. If you love boating or lake living, check out For more fun and the latest activity, follow our companies on Instagram and Facebook.

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