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"I love new construction.  Working alongside the architect, builder, and homeowner allows us to truly design an exceptional home."   Laura

I am NOT a Design Build Company.  I partner with architects, builders, landscape architects, and homeowners in Greater Cleveland, other Ohio communities and beyond.


When planning to build a new home, it is important for the interior designer to be hired early in the process; right on the heels of the architect.  This is the time when you are putting together your design team.  Both architect and interior designer need to understand the owners’ objectives, design direction, timeline goals, budget issues, and site location.  Though the architect is first up, it is important for an interior designer to receive the preliminary plans before the architect takes the plans further.  A large portion of the interior design process happens between preliminary and final architectural plans.


An architect and interior designer have some overlapping skill sets.  We both focus on space planning; the way things layout.  Though lifestyle is both our concerns, the interior designer goes deep into the details.  There are many design elements that could influence the final plans:  kitchen/bath design, furniture layout, furnishings, lighting, built-ins, millwork detail…  The best outcomes are when everyone on the team promotes a collaborative experience.

There are also big advantages to having the majority of the interior design work executed by the time the final construction drawings are completed:

  • No architectural change orders later.

  • Builder has the specifications and drawings up front.  This makes the builder’s life so much easier.

    • Easier to obtain quotes from trades and vendors

    • Accurate estimates to provide homeowners

    • Won’t lose time waiting for decisions

  • The homeowner(s) will have a clear vision for their home without the stress of making a lot of decisions along the way.

We provide full-scale interior design services in Cleveland and other parts of Northern Ohio.  What does that mean?  It means we are designing and executing the full vision of your space(s); from the room layouts, to the cabinet drawings, to the finish selections, to the furniture, to the window treatments, and to the art hanging on the walls.  It is about creating a whole vision and making sure it is executed well.

To learn more about our process, check out our magazine.

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