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"I love new construction.  Working alongside the architect, builder, and homeowner allows us to truly design an exceptional home."   Laura

Every project requires different needs, goals and budgets.  Laura Gills offers three levels of service options. Fortunately, with all our service options, we follow the same process that ensures your expectations are met down to the last details.

Looking a little closer into Dining Room



Designed for new construction, homeowners that need an Interior Designer to be a part of the collaborative team to bring their custom home to the construction finish line.

This level is good when there are not too many architectural changes and custom details.  There are minimum decoration services at this level; most of it to be performed at a later date.

Pantry Door



Designed for a new construction homeowner that needs a partner in home design because they have many custom design details on their new build.   It is very important for our involvement to begin prior to the construction plans being finalized.  Interior design solutions affect layout, lighting, plumbing, millwork, and many architectural decisions.   It is really sad when people think to call us in after a home has broken ground.


At this level, we create most rooms in 3D, usually in SketchUp software.  Completely custom cabinetry and millwork details are common at this level as well.


They also need a long range vision on furnishings and decor but don't plan on purchasing everything right away.

Back Porch

Big Reveal


Designed for the new construction homeowners that desires full-scale design and decorating services.  


Our services go from concept to the final touches of the rooms.  3D imaging is highly used to help visualize and document design decisions.  Laura is highly involved during the construction process, often acting as a liaison between homeowners and trades.


Documentation, procurement of home furnishings, and the coordination of installations and deliveries are important services at this level.


Building a new house can be very exciting!  Unfortunately, making decisions during the design process can be overwhelming.  Laura Gills Interior Design utilizes a detailed design process that will ensure the perfect home for you by keeping ahead of the selection process,  eliminating the frustration, and avoiding costly mistakes.

Program Phase


Acquire latest CAD plans, discuss functional and aesthetic concerns, photos and inventory, team introductions, and establish process and timeline.


Interior Designers should be hired during the early planning stage.  Space planning, architectural detailing and other technical skills are part of our repertoire.

Schematic Phase


Using preliminary plans perform a space plan study including generic furniture.  Brainstorm key design concepts.  Produce initial rough plans and drawings for first presentation.

I do not try to reinvent the wheel.  You and the Architect have spent time and energy into the initial drawings.  However, Interior Designers look with a different perspective:  inside/out.  My ideas could affect the final drawings.

Design Development Phase


This is where the bulk of design decisions are made.  It includes selections such as: exterior materials, flooring, tile, lighting, plumbing, wall finishes, cabinet and countertops to name a few.  Drawings continue based on the level of services contracted for.


I enjoy working with builders and their trades. If possible, their favorite vendors are used. Site visits to the vendors and documentation are performed.

Bidding Phase


Our drawings and documentation along with the vendors' documentation and architectural drawings create the bidding package.


I am available to answer questions and help with sourcing.  This is the part of the process where the homeowner discovers where the numbers are compared to the initial construction cost.  It is not uncommon for some revisions to be made at this point to reduce costs.

Construction to Finale


As construction progresses, I have a number of site visits to check on things, answer questions, and review details with the trades.

Some specific site visits include electrical walk-through, tile, millwork, and paint meetings.

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