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Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Laura Gills as Designer for Lake-Lovers’ Interiors

In its Fall 2023 Issue, Great Lakes Scuttlebutt profiled Laura Gills’ two design companies: Laura Gills Interior Design, and Freshwater Gills, the company’s boat interior division. Laura wrote about the many ways “lake life” can shine through a thoughtful design — no matter the owners’ style. She highlights two recent projects: a lake home remodel and a yacht interior, neither of which were in traditional style.

The interior space needs to be in harmony with the exterior.

“The first thing to keep in mind is to pay attention to the ‘bones’ of the space,” Gills said. “What is the architecture of the home? What kind of boat is it? Whatever space you’re working on, the interior needs to be in harmony with the exterior.”

The full article outlines Laura’s process for each space, as well as key points to remember and tips and tricks for designing serene lake-side living spaces that allow the owners’ personality to shine through.


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